Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fun with Auntie Laura

Auntie Laura came down for one of her "Fun" visits. Usually, they go to Disney on Ice, but Disney on Ice did not come this fall. They stuck with the bigger cities and skipped us this year. 

So, Auntie Laura took them to see the new Peanuts movie! The kids weren't sure they could go at first because they didn't know if the movie was about peanuts. When I explained it was Charlie Brown, they got less nervous. 

They said it was a very cute movie. After the movie, Auntie Laura took them to Barnes and Noble to pick out a book! 

Well, that didn't exactly happen. As you can see, Nathan came home with FIVE stuffed animals and zero books. Elizabeth came home with 2 stuffed animals and 2 books. Auntie Laura said she was weak and that Nathan loves stuffed animals so much she couldn't resist. She figures he won't be into stuffed animals for much longer, so why not? 

He got a new tiger, leopard, fox, and a mother and baby owl. 

Elizabeth got these cute little sparkly eyed creatures. 

Hugging Auntie Laura before she left. They are so big these days, you can't even see Auntie Laura!

Before bed, Nathan gave all his new stuffed animals their checkups and introduced them to the family. Then, he started thinking of names. Good luck Gram! 

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