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Nathan at 8

Here are some things about Nathan at age 8!

He is  4 feet, 2 inches tall.
He weighs 60 pounds.
He's been wearing glasses for a year now. His vision in his lazy eye is now 25/20 as long as he is wearing his glasses!
He loves to read non-fiction books. They are his favorite. Books about animals are top for him. He just loves animals!
He favorite toys are stuffed animals. They are his current obsession.
His favorite TV show (and Elizabeth's too) is My Little Pony. They play imaginative pony games all day long. This summer, Nathan has been Twilight and Elizabeth has been Pinkie Pie. I have no idea how their games work but they have a good time.
His favorite food are wraps and green beans with butter.
His favorite color is rainbow.
When outside, he loves to play on the play structure.
He keeps the compost bin for us. I can't wait to get some new soil!
Before he turns 9, we will get his orthodontic work started to make sure his teeth come in beautifully!
Elizabeth is his favorite person to play with.
He loves to snuggle his stuffed animals.
He will be starting 2nd grade on Sept 1!


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