Thursday, August 6, 2015

Long Jumping and Merry Go Rounds

We've been visiting a private park in Richland and they have this merry go round the kids are fascinated by. One day, they played on this thing for TWO hours. You don't see old merry go rounds much anymore so that's probably why it seems so fun to them. 

On the merry go round

We've also been going down to the track in the evenings so I can walk. The kids are obsessed with long jumping and then playing in the sand like it's a beach. This also keeps them busy for a long time! 

They run and jump over and over. You'd think it would wear them out! It doesn't seem to though. 

They also like to scoot around the school. 

They think it's most fun when the sprinklers come on. It's like their own splash park!

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