Friday, September 4, 2015

1st Day of Second Grade!

Nathan started second grade on September 1st! He's a little nervous this year since he had to switch schools. Our school district built a new elementary school. Therefore, they adjusted all the boundary lines and our neighborhood now goes to a different school. About 6 other second graders had to move to the new school with him. 2 of them are in his class and those are the only people he knows!

Our new school is close enough that there is no school bus! The kids have to either walk, bike, or have car transport to school. Our neighborhood has set up a "Walking School Bus" where the parents will take turns walking the group of kids to school. We'll see how it goes when winter comes and it gets cold! 

Here he is lining up!

His class lines up in two lines. One line for the boys and one for the girls. In this picture, the girls are walking in and it's just the boys line left. You can see Nathan in the red shirt. 

There he goes into school! I teared up again watching him leave! 3 years in a row! I'm sure some year I will stop crying. 

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