Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Cat Family

Elizabeth is currently very much into kitties. Her big cat you see is named Cobbler. Cobbler just had a little kitten and Elizabeth named it Sunset. Vet Nathan delivered the kitten using his vet kit. Elizabeth and Nathan found a box and decorated it with all kinds of beautiful artwork and beads. The decorating took almost a whole day and the house was a wreck with art supplies. 
Nathan has a stuffed kitty named Cougar. The kids decided that Cougar is the Dad cat.  Every night, they put the 3 cats in the box and fill it up with blankets. The cat family goes to sleep. On even days, the box gets put in Elizabeth's room. On odd days, the cat family gets to sleep in Nathan's room. 

Elizabeth heading off to put her cats in the box for the night. 

The cats did this puzzle. See how proud they are? 

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