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Fall Block Party

We had a great time at the fall block party! 

The garage was full of fun crafts and art projects. Here are Nathan and Lucas coloring their Halloween crowns. 

A small petting zoo came! There were some cute ducks and a bunny. 

Elizabeth and Charlotte swinging. 

Pumpkin races. The goal was to use your broom to get your pumpkin to the finish line. Here, Elizabeth and Charlotte competed. 

Elizabeth managed to squeak out a win. (She did have the better broom). 

A few drops of rain fell. Luckily, not too many, but it was enough for a beautiful rainbow to come out for a few minutes. 

The firefighters showed up! The kids were all over the truck and ambulance. Nathan is at the far right. Elizabeth couldn't fit and is standing. 

The firefighters asked the kids things they should do on Halloween to stay safe. Elizabeth was the first to pipe up and said, "When you get home, dump out all your candy so Mom and Dad can check for allergy candy." She gets it! 

Nathan and Jocelyn driving! 

She was happy here, but was starting to fall apart. Too much stimulation just wears her out. 

Elizabeth and Charlotte in the front seat. 

Nathan in the ambulance. The paramedic knew Uncle Brian! 

Nathan wanted to ride here. 

The crew of kids (and me). Elizabeth was breaking down and wouldn't get into the picture without me. Then, she wouldn't even look at the camera. 


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