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A brave Star of the Week

Guess who was Star of the Week at preschool? 

The star put in her own pink hair clips. 

Here's her bulletin board at preschool. 

Let's talk about how brave this star is. 

1. The photo above is at the dentist. She had her 6 month dentist check up. The next week, she had all her baby teeth sealed. Not a peep. She was so brave! 
2. A few days earlier, she had TWO pokes in one day and didn't complain a bit! I took her to the allergist to get her allergies tested. While there, we both received a flu shot. They poked the needle in and all she said was "ow." Then guess what we did? We drove straight to the blood draw place. There, she got ANOTHER needle stuck in her arm and they drew blood to test her allergies. She just sat there and didn't make a sound. 
To document, we got her allergy test results back. She's definitely very allergic to peanuts and sunflower seeds. There were a few tree nuts that were questionable, but it might require her eating them to see if they become a problem. Environmental allergies are trees, grass, sagebrush, tumbleweeds, ragweed, cats (high), dogs (low), and dust. So basically everything. No wonder her eczema is so bad! 


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