Wednesday, May 3, 2017

New Car

We got a new car! 

We got a 2016 Honda Odyssey so we have lots of room now to take these road trips we have planned. Our car trunk just couldn't fit everything we need anymore. With our food allergies, we have to take a big cooler, a box with kitchen supplies for cooking, and another box with dry foods and snacks. There was barely enough room left for suitcases. We were keeping the kids little suitcases in the backseat in front of their feet, but they've outgrown the little suitcases and need bigger ones.  

Even though we've cleaned the garage, we still seem to be able to only fit 1 car inside. The 3rd car bay is reserved for Jeremy's tools. 

Elizabeth checking to see if she can fit inside the trunk. She can! 

The van came with a little vacuum. Nathan was trying out the vacuum. Supposedly, the cord will reach all the way to the front. We will see if this gimmick actually makes us vacuum the car on a more regular basis. 

Checking out the sliding doors. 

We now have 3 vehicles. We were beginning to have problems with shuffling kids to separate activities. Jeremy would have to take a kid in the truck and that isn't technically something we are supposed to do. It will also be nice now to have 2 vehicles that fit every family member PLUS extra people. 

The truck will mostly be kept around for weekend activities that involve yard work, Jeremy's woodworking projects, and pulling our  boat that will be arriving later this week. Jeremy couldn't imagine not having a truck as he finds it so useful and uses the bed quite frequently. Therefore,  we're keeping it around! We've had it for 14 years now! 

Elizabeth sat in every seat so she could feel what they all felt like. 

Here is the first ride in the new car! We picked the kids up from school. We had the van parked around the corner so they didn't know. We walked around the corner with all the kids. As we were walking, Nathan said he was tired and that he wanted to just drive. He walked up to our new car and said, "Let's just get in here." It was so funny!! He had no idea and was just making a joke. So Jeremy opened the car doors up. The kids were all pretty shocked. They were pretty excited. Miley and Charlotte were with us too!

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