Saturday, May 6, 2017

New Boat!!

Uncle John and Uncle Doug gave us a boat! Now, Nathan and Jeremy can fish out on the water much more easily. 

They brought the boat down today. They fixed it up all nicely for us. 

They pulled in and Nathan and Elizabeth went to check it out. John gave instructions to Jeremy and explained everything they were giving us. 

The kids jumped in. 

They even bought us brand new life jackets!! Wasn't that nice? 

We were so happy to see Grandma Helen arrive. We weren't expecting her and it was a really nice surprise. We showed her around the house since she hadn't been here before. 

More boat instructions. 

Putting on a life jacket. 

We drove to the boat launch. Grandmas in the back!! 

Putting the boat into the water. 

Doug giving Jeremy a few more instructions. 

Luckily, we had a nice day. Not too windy or cold or crazy rainstorms!! 

Getting the life vests ready. 

The inaugural run with Jeremy learning the ropes. 

Watching them leave!

After the inaugural run, Jeremy came back to take more people out. Elizabeth was terrified to get in the boat and did NOT want to go. Once she was convinced to get in, she loved it!! She went back for more rides. I stopped taking pictures here because I got in the boat and am still nervous about bringing my phone on safely! Wouldn't want to drop it in the river somehow. 

The rides were great! The boat runs really well and we should have a lot of fun with it. Thanks John and Doug! 

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