Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Father/Daughter Ball

Father/Daughter Balls are a big deal around here. We've heard about them for several years and this year Jeremy and Elizabeth decided to go. The theme was a football theme, but we don't follow football and have no Seahawks gear, so they just dressed up in their super fancy clothes! Their wedding clothes!! It was nice to get to use them again! Jeremy said a lot of people were wearing Seahawks stuff, but a lot of people were also dressed up like they were. So they didn't stand out too terribly! 

The ball was at the TRAC. Jeremy said their were 250 Dads and at least 250 girls because some families brought more than one girl. He said it was really crowded, but Elizabeth had fun eating snacks and twirling her dress while dancing. 

A picture before they left. 

A picture Jeremy sent me from the ball. 

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