Sunday, February 19, 2017

Crafts With Kim

Today, Jeremy and Nathan went over to Yakima for a cub scouts outing. They went to the Elk Creek Wildlife Refuge. Elizabeth; meanwhile, stayed with Kim and crafted!! She did so many fun things and came back home with a big box full of great things to put on her wall! 

Kim sent me pictures of all her her crafts. 

She said the one with her name was her favorite!

These painted bunnies were so adorable!! 

When she got home, she lined up her canvasses, her picture frame and her two bunnies. She had a marvelous day! I'm sure she would not mind more craft days with Kim!! 

Kim also made this craft for Nathan. It was funny the background was in camo and he happened to be wearing all camo today. 

Thanks for a great crafty day Kim!!! 

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