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Elizabeth's 7th birthday party #1

Elizabeth had TWO birthday parties when she turned 7. We had one party for the grandparents and one party for her friends. She completely planned her party. She decided the theme would be "Rocks and Minerals" since that is her favorite hobby. She planned the games and did everything!

When her friends arrived, she showed them all her rock collection. 

Then, everyone made Valentine's. 

Elizabeth planned a "gemstone" dig in the sandbox. We bought bags of little jewels and buried them. The sandbox actually did glitter in the sun when the girls walked out there. It was pretty neat!

Everyone got a little baggie full of the "jewels" they found. 

Next, Elizabeth wanted to paint rocks. She found 12 good rocks to paint. We bought paint and they all painted. Elizabeth painted a turtle! 

Painting rocks. 

The girls also spent time playing in the backyard. Thank goodness the snow had mostly melted just a few days before! The only snow left in the back now is the snow that is in the shadow of the fence. It was a beautiful (if a bit chilly) day. 

Elizabeth had a great lot of fun opening all her presents and the girls oohed and aahed about the new toys. 

She loved the singing card from Amelia. 

A fun group! Nathan, Jemma, Amelia, Josephine, Elizabeth, Kaijsa, Charlotte, Sophia, Cecilia, Kylie, and Mischa. 

Giving orders about her cupcakes. 

Singing birthday songs. 

Everyone eating their cupcakes. 

Snuggling a 7 year old!!! 


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