Sunday, November 27, 2016


Check out this amazing vegetable train that Laura and Elizabeth made!!!! 

It was the most impressive thing about Thanksgiving this year. 

A picture before dinner. 

The head chef. Good job chef!

Trying to get a family photo. 

Eating the vegetable train. 

It was quite the train. 

Pippa managed to find the turkey guts bag that was left outside. Here she is running around with a turkey neck in her mouth. It was funny to watch Laura try to chase her down to get the turkey neck from her. 

Papa and Elizabeth played hangman. They are both scratching their heads here so something confusing must be going on. 

Elizabeth helped Papa alphabetize his letters. 

Nathan and Jeremy tried to teach Pippa a new trick. Shake! 

Jeremy got Papa Norm's old record player going. Here is Nathan watching the record player. He thought it was weird.The record player is from 1968. 

Elizabeth arranged all the furniture in the dollhouse. 

The turkey trot. 

You can see Nathan coming across the finish line here. He was the winner. Jeremy had cheated and run just around the house rather than the driveway. He was disqualified. 

Elizabeth got 2nd place. Pippa ran off course again after taking off in a strong lead. She was also disqualified. 

Papa came in 3rd and Laura came in 4th. 

Gosh, not many people finished the race legally! Mom was laughing too hard, I was busy taking pictures, and Jeremy and Pippa ran off course. 

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