Saturday, November 5, 2016

Family Fun Night

The PTA put on a family fun night. There were fun activities to take part in. If you got through all the events, you won a candy bar. Nathan couldn't have the candy bar of course, so I got it! They also had a fun cakewalk where you would win a cupcake. He couldn't do that either, but Elizabeth got a cupcake!

Jeremy took pictures of them in the photo booth. Jeremy showed Elizabeth how to be silly but Nathan didn't get the lesson. 

Sophia, Elizabeth and Charlotte had fun shooting rubber bands. 

Getting ready to shoot!

They had fun!

Nathan and Jeremy did a marshmallow toss game. 

Nathan wore his coonskin cap. The principal couldn't figure out what was wrong with his hair. It was pretty funny!

Charlotte and Elizabeth shoveled marshmallows from a bowl onto a bowl on their heads. Elizabeth won! 

They had a flipper race game. Here Elizabeth is racing in her flippers over to Jeremy. 

Jeremy raced back and they won!

Nathan in the flipper race game. His teammate was his friend Amelia. 

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