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Grandma Pam's

We went to visit Grandma Pam this week since the kids had the week off from school. We stopped by her house for a bit and then traveled on to Royal City to have Thanksgiving.

It was decided that it is time for Nathan to learn how to shoot. He's been waiting a long time and wanting to learn. It's a very good skill to have. We just wanted to make sure he was old enough to not shoot his sister. 
Jeremy is, of course, an expert shooter. He is also a good teacher and very calm so he set out to teach Nathan the basics. First, Nathan had to learn the 4 basic rules of shooting and memorize them. Then, he had to demonstrate the rules. 

Jeremy showed Nathan how it works with his pellet gun. 

Nathan would run and stack the cans back up as Jeremy would shoot them down. 

Some instructions. 

Practicing. The guns Jeremy have are quite heavy for Nathan. We are going to get him a bb gun for Christmas so he will have one he can control more easily and shoot by himself. 

Nathan had a good lesson in "beware of your backdrop." He was about to shoot when 2 chickens ran right in front of him! 

Grandma found some cardboard to shoot. 

Nathan looking for pellets. 

Elizabeth ran around being silly. 

I'm not sure what pose this was, but it was silly. 

Nathan did not want to stop shooting. He absolutely loved it. It's all he wanted to do that day. 

A rock for Grandma Pam. 

It was really cute how Lucy the cat sat between the heater and the stove to keep warm. 

Elizabeth liked to pet and feed the neighbor's horses. 

We kept going back to check on the boys. Nathan just wanted to keep shooting. 

Grandma Pam throwing carrots at the horses. 

It was a good visit. The kids also watched "Anne of Green Gables" for the first time! They talked about the "Depths of Despair" the rest of the day. Also, Elizabeth always likes to imitate characters she sees in movies. She has now decided to be Anne whenever we travel. She tries to talk about as many things as she can without stopping. Isn't that great!
At least it's better than a sloth. After she watched Zootopia, she spent a lot of time practicing how to move and talk like a sloth. Although it was hilarious, acting like a sloth is not great when parents are trying to get kids to do things. I guess talking all the time is better! 


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