Wednesday, April 13, 2016

More Adventures in Law Enforcement

Jeremy has ended up in the hospital 3 times already this year!  He blames it on being on day shift. For some reason it keeps injuring him. Here are the pictures of his 3 injuries. He is hoping he won't end up in the hospital any more times this year. He's almost averaging once every month! 

 Hospital Visit #1. I've posted this picture before back in January. This was the biggest injury he received when he tackled a guy on a bike trying to run from the police because he had a warrant. The guy ended up in jail and Jeremy ended up in the hospital with a big owie on his leg. 

Hospital Visit #2. This happened in March. Jeremy was involved in a car accident at work. He was not driving and was not at fault. The airbags from under the dash deployed and wrapped around his calves at 200 MPH!  He had some pretty deep bruises on his shins and calves.  He said the next day it felt like someone hit his legs with golf clubs.

Hospital Visit #3. Last week, a woman who had just shoplifted (and was high on something) ran from Jeremy. He told her to come back. She wouldn't. So he had to grab her.  As he grabbed her, she bit him on the upper arm. They had a big fight and he ended up having to taze her. After he tazed her he managed to get her into cuffs. 

At the hospital, the woman's blood was tested. Jeremy's blood was tested. THANKFULLY, the woman's blood came back clean for HIV and Hepatitis. They put Jeremy on antibiotics as a precaution for anything that might have been in her mouth. 

I was really upset he got bit and could have potentially gotten a horrible disease. I was even MORE upset when I saw pictures people had taken of the incident. There were several young men standing around WATCHING Jeremy struggle with this woman. They stood there videotaping the whole thing and taking pictures while Jeremy was trying not to get severely injured by this woman. Why didn't they try to help? Or ask him if there was anything they could do? Or call 911? No one called. When Jeremy's in a tussle like that, he can't get on his radio to call for help so his backup has no idea what's going on. I 'm still fuming mad about this. I guess it's more important for people to videotape incidences like this than it is to try to help out a police officer. Disgusting. 

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