Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hanging Out at Playgrounds

Elizabeth does a LOT of hanging at playgrounds. She hangs off monkey bars like a little monkey. Here are THREE different school playgrounds we went to in one week that she had fun at. 

Playground #1: The school at church. She made her way across these monkey bars like a little monkey. Yes, she's in her pajamas but it was 7:00 at night! We were waiting for Nathan and she'd already had her bath. 

She loves these spider web type toys. 

                                          Playground #2. This is her own school so she's quite good at knowing the ins and outs of the playground. Here she wanted to show me she made it to the tallest bar!

 Playground #3: The other elementary school in town. Nathan misses this place so we went to play on his old playground. She made her way across these bars really well too!

Nathan making his way across the bars. 

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