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Badger Mountain Climb

We made our very first climb up Badger Mountain as a family yesterday! We weren't sure if Elizabeth would be able to do it before now, but she ran up the mountain like a champ! Not one fuss or complaint. I guarantee that a year ago, that wouldn't have been the case! 

This is the prettiest time of the year up on Badger Mountain. There are lots of wildflowers. I don't know their names. The yellow ones, the blue ones, and the little white ones. The grasses are actually a greenish color! That will fade eventually and everything will be yellow and brown. We were happy we made the hike during the prettiest time. 

Making our way up! 

We did take a few breaks. Hiking up a steep mountain isn't easy!

Another break. 

Downtown Richland in the background. 

During the parts where the mountain had deep ravines, Elizabeth got a bit nervous so Nathan held her hand. He was really good about encouraging her along and telling her that she could do it! He had hiked it once before with Jeremy and wanted Elizabeth to do well. 

Looking out over West Richland. 

At the top! The kids were excited to look out and see their school and the area where our house was!We couldn't see our house exactly, but could see our neighborhood. Their school roof was visible though! 

Made it to the top!

They did a lot of running on the way back down. They even saw a little snake!

Waving to Pasco across the river. 

Heading down into South Richland and we could see Kennewick in the distance. 

Jogging down. 

Silly faces. This plaque marks where the water level was during the Missoula Flood! 

Chatting about the different wildlife they saw and the different dog breeds we met on the way up. They especially liked the German Shepard and the Husky. There were a lot of people hiking today!

Almost to the bottom. 


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