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Civil War Reenactment

A Civil War Reenactment came to town! We decided to go check it out. 

Papa and Gram came down. We had a picnic in the park! Jeremy came a little bit later. 

Here are the kids watching the battle with their ears covered up. The cannons were very loud! The Union soldiers are shooting their cannon at the Confederate soldiers. 
Nathan was very impressed with the battle. He said it was way better than he thought it would be. There were guys riding around on horses shooting guns. People were falling over like they'd been shot. Nathan really enjoyed it!

The Confederate soldiers were across the park with their cannon, horses, and guns. 

Nathan wore a Union hat that the grandparents bought when they were in Vicksburg!

Abraham Lincoln held a question and answer session after the battle. 

Elizabeth wanted to wear her fancy hat that day since Nathan was wearing his Union soldier hat. 

Checking out the cannon. The guys there told Nathan he's almost old enough to sign up for reenactments. He would get to fire the cannon!

They had a whole Civil War tent village set up. We toured these. 

Elizabeth liked this fancy bedroom set up in a tent. 

They held a "fashion" show and we got to learn about the dresses of the time. We also got to learn about the soldier's uniforms.  Nathan thought it was interesting. Elizabeth wasn't as impressed. 


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