Saturday, April 11, 2015

Some new food allergies

We've added some new foods to our food allergy repertoire. I sure wish we could take some away, but that  doesn't seem to happen for us.

Nathan's been eating kiwi his whole life! Today, he ate a kiwi and immediately afterward said his mouth and hands itched. Over the course of 5 minutes, he got about 9 nice itchy hives all over his chin. We didn't panic or freak out. Our doctor has said if the only real symptom is hives around the mouth to keep an eye on it. If the symptoms progress or another sympton starts, then epi and call 911. Luckily after about 10 minutes (and wiping his chin) the hives went away. I'd like to think he's only sensitive to the juice but I doubt that's the case. We will be staying away from kiwi with him and when we see the allergy doctor in June for his yearly checkup, we'll look into this!

Elizabeth had her yearly checkup with the allergy doctor last week. Still allergic to peanuts and sunflower seeds. She also seems to have oral allergy syndrome as when she eats cantaloupe and watermelon in late summer/fall, she gets a rash around her mouth.

Also, we've added hazelnuts to her list of allergies. The bloodwork came back high enough to classify it an allergy. Nathan is already super allergic to hazelnuts-no denying it-so staying away from hazelnuts in our family will be no problem!

At the store today, I showed her a jar of Nutella and explained that this stuff wasn't just a chocolate frosting and that it actually contained hazelnuts. Another reason to not eat something she thinks is just chocolate without making sure to check the label. Or if someone ever used this as frosting on a cupcake. Yikes!!

Then, we walked by a big display that was just peanuts and sunflower seeds. Weird! Just her other two serious allergies. She said she was scared so we made a big wide circle around it.

Her class is planting sunflower seeds this week. Looks like she won't be dong that activity. Nathan's class is also planting stuff. I made sure to check the soil they used. No peanut shells in that brand...thank goodness! His class is having cupcakes again for a birthday celebration next week so I need to make sure I send something in that day.  This vigilance is just non-stop! I feel like being an "Allergy Mom" is practically a full time job. So much to watch out for constantly.

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