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Gram and Papa Norm's

We visited Royal City over Spring Break. Here are some of the exciting highlights. 
Playing in a pile of compost. They could have done this all day long!

Pippa achieved her ultimate goal. Getting up on a bed! She wasn't allowed to stay there, but she was quite bold. 

Nathan snuggling Pippa. 

Floating sticks down the ditch. Another favorite they could do all day. 

Nathan was unwrapping a cupcake and dropped it. This was the result about 5 seconds later. That dog was quick!

Gram set up a fun egg hunt! 

Digging holes. They could also do this all day long. 

They made beds for the night. (Jeremy says they look more like graves). 

So the highlights of the trip were playing in manure, digging graves, and playing in water. However, they LOVED all these things and were very happy! I guess it doesn't take much with kids. Dirt and water and some imagination.  Driving the little Kubota with Papa Norm was also fun but I didn't get pictures of that. The 7 year old is becoming quite good at driving! 


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