Monday, April 13, 2015

Safety and Allergies

While at the bike safety fair at school, they kids had a funny conversation with a Sgt. with our local police department. We had told them their Dad was a police officer so he said he had a few questions for them that he was SURE cops' kids would know the answers to.

Here was the conversation.

Sgt: "What would you say if someone asked you to get in their car?"
Nathan: "What's the password?"
Sgt: "Excellent! I knew you would know!"

Sgt: "What would you say if someone tried to offer you candy?"
Nathan: "Does that have peanuts in it?"
Elizabeth: "No label, NO thanks."

Sgt: "Um, yes, well that will work very well!"

One plus side to having all kinds of severe food allergies. The kids will never take candy from strangers!! I never realized this!

We have a few mottos in this house that they have to follow.

1. "No label, no thanks." With as many severe allergies as the kids have, if we can't read every ingredient of what's in the food, they know they can't eat it safely.

2. "No Epi, no eat." If there is no Epi-pen or Auvi-Q nearby, they are not allowed to take a bite of anything!

At the Safety fair, there was also a booth about poisons and how medication can look like candy and how cleaning supplies could look like juice. There's something else I never have to worry about. My kids won't eat or drink something unless they've read the label! They can die from a peanut or sunflower seed, but I'm sure they won't die from accidentally eating or drinking medications or cleaning supplies!

Checking out the fire truck

Elizabeth being graded riding in between the lines. 

Nathan being graded on his braking ability. 

Checking off his list of activities. 

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