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We had some snow a few weeks ago. Just one day's worth. It might be all we get this year, so the kids bundled up and went out! 

Kids bundling up for snow play is the cutest thing ever. 

The snowpants are so cute!

Trying to make snowmen out of dry snow...

Snow angels

Snow balls

Shoveling snow into buckets is great fun when you're 4!

Her little snowman. Rocks for a face and twigs for arms!

Trying to shovel enough snow to make a snow mountain. 


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Snow Mountains

Just needed to throw up a picture of the kids running across the snow mountains in the church parking lot. 

Cascade Mountains

Jeremy and I went to Seattle last week and I took some pretty pictures of the drive. 

We went the Snoqualmie Falls way and made a quick stop by the falls. It was 45 degrees so I thought it would feel warm compared to the 10 degrees it was at home. Yet it somehow still felt really cold? 


Elizabeth has been begging me for bangs for a while. They will take a bit more maintenance, but hopefully her hair is straight enough they will lie flat and not be too much to work with. Here she is with her new bangs.