Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Years

Jeremy had a lot going on at work and with Explorer Academy so we went up to Royal City without him for New Years. 

The kids had a great time skating in the basement. It was COLD out so having that place to play was fantastic!

Pippa enjoyed watching. 


Here's Nathan peeling apples for an apple crisp. 

Elizabeth did the crust and Nathan cut up apples!

More skating...

Tummy rubs

For an exciting New Years Eve game, the kids and I copied Pippa's moves. We didn't get in much movement. 

Who wants a tummy rub? 

There is a dog on the couch downstairs. 

Nathan is trying to teach Pippa. Here, he is reading "Clifford's Good Deeds" in the hopes Pippa will learn from Clifford's examples. Maybe Pippa can now join the fire department or save the day in another way!

Reading books to Papa. 

Auntie Laura reading!

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