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Family Expo

We went to the Family Expo this weekend. The kids had a fun time!

Elsa-always a big hit. 

Reptile man is also fun. Nathan, did you know there is an alligator on your head? 

Elizabeth would only pet the alligator. She didn't want it on her head. 

A very huge snake!

A fun model train set up. The kids loved to follow those trains around!

Nathan up on stage performing clown tricks. He's holding the stick and whirling around the frisbee. 

Elizabeth playing with some kind of special magic sand. 

Ronald McDonald called Elizabeth up to the stage. 

He handed her a huge crayon that broke. Everyone laughed. 

They also had their picture taken. Then, his camera broke and everyone laughed. 

It was a fun outing. The kids saw animals, cloggers, lots of clowns, and brought home a lot of fun things like frisbees and lunch boxes! 


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