Friday, June 23, 2017


Another year of VBS is done. I helped in the kitchen again making and taking care of the allergy kids. I don't get a chance to take many pictures. 

Here is half of Nathan's group. I dropped them off early so only 3/6 kids were there. Nathan had Sam as his crew leader again. That is 3 years in a row! Next year will be Nathan's last year of VBS and Sam's last year as crew leader so I think I will request him so Nathan can have him all 4 possible years. Nathan missed the first 3 days of VBS this week as he was at Cub Scouts Day Camp with Jeremy. Jeremy did not take even one picture at Day Camp so I cannot write about that. The other boy in the picture was in Nathan's den at Day Camp so he was only at VBS for 2 days as well. 

Elizabeth's crew leader this year was Abby. None of the rest of her group were there when I dropped her off. 

I took a picture of Nathan's group at snack time. 

Elizabeth at a snack time. 

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