Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Family Reunion

We had a family reunion in Wenatchee this past weekend. Jeremy was unable to come due to work so the kids, Laura, and the grandparents took another weekend trip! Good thing we got that minivan! 

We were surprised to see snow still on the Cascades!! There must have been a lot up there. 

My aunt has a beautiful yard and vineyard and Elizabeth had a great time exploring and finding all the fun little paths. Nathan found the Hunting Video Game inside and really never left the house all day. He came up for meals and that was about it. He did pass all the levels though so he was quite proud of that. 

Just taking pictures of how pretty it all is. 

She found a toy on a lower trail so went to check it out. 

Where to go explore next? 

Here are the most gorgeous climbing roses!!! They were amazing. 

The kids played a game with Iver and Papa Norm. Elizabeth and Iver were the winning team. 

The group family photo. There were quite a few people missing due to work and baseball, but what can you do? 

The hunting game. Elizabeth was allowed to play during the bonus rounds. 

Such a pretty view to take some pictures!

The drive home. Laura and Nathan in the back. 

Elizabeth and I in the middle. Papa Norm and Gram were up front! 

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It's the time of year for our big bloom of roses.