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Elizabeth's 6th birthday party

Elizabeth had her 6th birthday party yesterday! I can't believe she will be SIX this week! 

She wanted her cupcakes to look like mustard so we used yellow cake and yellow frosting. She wanted to use mustard as frosting but that was not happening. 

We invited the girls from her class. There were 7 other little girls that came plus herself and Nathan. 

It got very noisy when they were playing balloon bonking games!

They played Pin the Tail on the Donkey

We made some Valentine's. 

We sang Happy Birthday!

Everyone ate cupcakes!

Birthday girl! 

She opened up her presents and got a lot of really fun stuff!

She loves beads!

She got a big panda. 

One of the little girls actually got her mustard! I also bought her mustard so she got 3 mustards! 

A barbie

A great art kit!

A new umbrella

Nathan got Elizabeth the little panda and Charlotte got her the big panda. Isn't it funny that she got 2 stuffed animals and they were both pandas? 

Opening some of her jewelry. 

I got her an entire package of tape just for herself. 

They had some outside play time. 

I guess you swing standing up now. 

A birthday party snuggle with Mom. 

Wearing all her birthday jewelry! Thank you Grandmas! 

We were very sad Auntie Laura could not come because she was sick. Hopefully, she will enjoy the pictures! 


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