Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Typical Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is my least favorite holiday. Something bad always happens this day and I dread it every year. What is it about this day? Seriously! I wish I could somehow skip it every year. 

This morning about 7:30 Elizabeth comes out of her room crying and screaming that her ear hurts. She's grabbing at her right ear. She's had a cold and occasionally one will go to her ears. It's been a while though! So she obviously had an ear infection. 

I managed to get her to eat a little bit of cereal and we (me and the kids)  were all out the door by 8:00 on a Sunday morning to head to Urgent Care. Luckily, they got us in pretty quickly for Urgent Care. And luckily, it wasn't my morning to teach Sunday School! 

Diagnosis: Double ear infection. 

The assistant tells me the pharmacies don't open until 10:00. At this point, it's about 8:45 and Elizabeth is screaming and crying. I searched my phone and found one Rite Aid in Kennewick that opens at 9. Elizabeth doesn't understand why she can't have her medicine NOW. 

We drive to Kennewick, find the Rite Aid and get to the pharmacy just as they are opening. They said they just got the prescription and they would get it done first thing. We wait for only about 10 minutes and then I go up to pay. Nathan is off looking at stuffed animals so he misses the next part. 

At this point, Elizabeth starts projectile VOMITING all over the place. I got her turned so her vomit was no longer hitting the items on the shelves so at least it would all hit the floor. I didn't think she was ever going to stop. 

Her coat was covered, her shoes were covered. It was unbelieveable. The two women there were absolutely wonderful about it though. They went and got the mop and a bunch of paper towels. I paper toweled everything and then one lady mopped. Another lady sprayed alcohol spray on everything that got hit and I wiped everything off. We probably cleaned for like 20-25 minutes. 

Elizabeth is still screaming and crying at this point because her ears hurt. I didn't want to give her the medicine right then though. What if she just threw it right up and we lost a dose? 

We finally get in the car. Her coat, pants, and shoes are in a plastic bag. She walked out of that store cold. At least it wasn't raining! 

She falls asleep immediately even without the medicine. We get home 15 minutes later around 10:00. I give her the medicine and she sleeps on the couch until around 12:30. This kid NEVER slows down or naps so I knew she was pretty sick. When she wakes up, she says her ears are much better but she still wouldn't eat much. 

They opened up Papa Ray and Kim's Valentine Baskets and got cards in the mail so that helped cheer her up a bit. 

It's been a rough day. Jeremy's at work and will be home hopefully by bedtime. 

We'll see how we can top this fun next Valentine's Day! 

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