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Brown Chair Down

A few weeks ago, our brown chair died. It was just plain worn out! 

We got it almost 9 years ago when I was pregnant with Nathan. I had terrible heartburn the last few months of pregnancy and couldn't sleep laying down. We thought sleeping in a recliner might help. I'm not sure I slept great in the recliner but it made things a little better?

Then, the brown chair became a rocking chair. Nathan especially would not nap in his crib so I spent a good part of the first year of his life sitting in the brown chair rocking him while he napped on me. 

Over the years, the brown chair has really taken a beating! It's been spit all over (babies), food spilled, rocked in, knocked over, etc. 

A few weeks ago, Jeremy pulled back the handle to lean back and it just snapped! The frame in the back broke apart. 

We set it out for the garbage truck the next day and it got gobbled up! 

Interesting side note: I have not had any heartburn in the past 8 1/2 years. I never got it when pregnant with Elizabeth and haven't had it since. It was a weird phenomenon!


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