Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Adventures in Law Enforcement

I'm expecting the Seahawks to call soon. Jeremy is apparently very good at tackling! 

Yesterday, he was aware that a guy on bicycle was trying to make a getaway from the police. Jeremy happened to be in the right area. He saw the other police car coming and a guy biking in front of them. Jeremy jumped out of his car, ran and then tackled the guy on the bike. 

He scraped up his leg pretty good and ripped his pants. He said his hand and another part of his leg hurts, but he said he'll get over it. 

I always get nervous when he sends me pictures of his injuries from the hospital. It seems to happen every year or so. 

Luckily, he got to come home safe and sound. The guy on the bike is now in jail. 

Jeremy said he has seen this tackling move on COPS. He had always wanted the opportunity to tackle a guy on a bike. It finally happened. 

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