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Evening Playtime

Jeremy works a lot of nights. One of my favorite things EVER is being outside on summer evenings. Often, I will give the kids baths at like 7:00. Yes, they put on their pajamas. Then, around 8, we head to the park or playground! Or we ride bikes or take a walk.  The kids get to play and I get to be outside during my favorite time of year. Since Jeremy is not around, it's the only way I can do it. The kids go to bed late, but who cares. It's summer.  When the sun sets after playing, we head home and go to bed. 

Here they were playing some game they made up where they pretend to be spiders in a web eating flies. I'm not sure who is the fly and who is the spider. I could just hear them talking about it. 

It's funny looking at pictures this time of year. I know I took this after 8:00 pm yet it looks like the middle of the day! 

See Saw. A guy was throwing a ball for his dog. Every time he'd throw the ball, the kids would go up and down. It was some other game they invented. I'm not quite sure how it works! They are just constantly inventing little games. 

Biking and scooting on home! 


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