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A Visit to WSU

We went over to Pullman to visit Uncle Brian's new house and to visit WSU! 
It was a very pretty drive over. Lots of green fields!

The road was smooth and new...

We had to stop and see the bears. There were 4 little cubs! Each mother bear had 2 babies. They just frolicked and played the whole time. It was so cute! 

Kids and bears. 

This one came right up to the fence to say hi! Then, it ran back to be with the other cubs. 

The bears got to splash in this pool to cool down. They splashed for a while and then headed back out to run and roll around!

We headed onto campus. The kids were not too thrilled with all the walking so we didn't get to as many places as we had hoped. Here's inside the library. 

Looking out of the library. 

Top of the library. The kids thought it was very cool that there was grass and  "a park" on the roof of the library. 

Looking out. 

Family photo

Nathan and Uncle Brian had a race on top of the library. 

Looking at the wind machine. 

We had fun playing in the stadium. Here are the kids doing somersaults in the endzone. 

Looking around. 

Starting his run up and down the field. 

Brian took this picture from way up high. 

The kids climbed to the very top. They called it "Climbing Mt. Everest." 


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