Thursday, December 11, 2014

Law Enforcement Ball 2014

The annual Law Enforcement ball happened to fall on Jeremy's day off again! We planned on having a neighbor girl babysit. Then, Grandma Pam to visit! Grandma Pam was kind enough to babysit for us while we headed out for the evening.  Thank you Grandma Pam!

Picture in front of the tree

A whole family photo

The ballroom had a ton of Christmas trees again! Look at that lake with the penguin ice sculpture!

Here was the igloo with ice penguins inside. 

And the many Christmas trees

A little pond and waterfall trickled down to the pond. 

Lighted trees

Jeremy tried to take a panoramic. It's a little blurry but shows what the ballroom mostly looked like. 

The tables. We won the centerpiece this year again! We never win any of the big prizes like trips, guns, expensive purses, or iPads, but we are really good at winning flowers. 

Jeremy and most of his squad. 

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