Wednesday, July 5, 2017

4th of July

Here are our 4th of July pictures. Jeremy was at work. Our town is the only one in the Tri-Cities that allows fireworks so people go crazy here. There are so many fireworks, you can't look at them all at the same time. Several private residents put on actual shows for their streets or culdesacs. 

I tried to have Elizabeth nap before the big celebration knowing the fireworks would keep her up late. She tried to sleep, but just couldn't. These children cannot nap unless they are sick. 

Elizabeth and Charlotte. The neighbors had their pool out. 

Nathan doing sparklers. 

More sparklers and a few tanks. 

I thought this one was funny because it looked like they both had fireworks above their heads. And they weren't even looking at those ones because there was someone else putting on a show the other way. 

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