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Pizza Hut!

We made the move to a regular dentist rather than a "pediatric dentist." Elizabeth had no cavities when they did sealants on her 6 year molars. The prize for no cavities at the new dentist is a free Pizza Hut personal size pizza. 

On a night the boys had scouts, Elizabeth and I went and had little pizzas. She had a blast! We never go to restaurants due to the food allergy issue. However, Pizza Hut is safe for her allergies. She just loves pizza...especially such it's such a rare treat for her. 

Not sure what we'll do when Nathan goes to the dentist and wins a pizza. Maybe he can trade the free pizza for a different prize? 


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Just needed to throw up a picture of the kids running across the snow mountains in the church parking lot. 

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Jeremy and I went to Seattle last week and I took some pretty pictures of the drive. 

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