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Dog Easter Egg Hunt

A local park had a "Dog Easter Egg Hunt" yesterday. Laura came down and we took Pippa. It turns out there weren't eggs to search for. There were just treats all over the ground. Pippa found lots of treats, but wouldn't eat them. They were all-natural and organic so  apparently Pippa likes junk food. 

Sniffing around for treats.

The kids tried to lead her to some treats. 

Nathan pointing out a good spot. 

Pippa had no interest in ANY of the dogs until she found TWO other doodles. She sniffed those doodles and conferred with them about something. It was so cute! 

Here are 3 doodles. A white one, a Pippa, and a small brownish one. 

They talked about something! Maybe they somehow knew they were the same breed? 

A nice picture in the park. 

Pippa wanted to go swimming in the Columbia River. 

Nathan likes to look at wild birds. He said the favorite part of his day wasn't the Easter egg hunt. It was when a seagull flew right over our heads and literally pooped 4 feet away from us into the water. We got VERY lucky. He thought it was the best thing ever and said it was the second time in his life he'd seen a bird poop midair. 

A dock picture. It was such a beautiful day! The day before the first day of spring ushered in spring just right. 


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