Sunday, February 8, 2015

Elizabeth's 5th Birthday Party

We had a great family turnout for Elizabeth's birthday! She also invited 2 little girls. Elizabeth's  little friend Ali got sick and couldn't come so she was sad about that. 

Papa Norm, Gram, and Auntie Laura came down! They even brought Pony and Princess balloons!! 

Grandma Pam! 

Uncle Brian!

Papa Ray and Kim!

And of course Mom and Dad and Nathan...Dad blew up 72 balloons for the party. We've got a lot of balloons!

Her party theme was My Little Pony. The kids played "Pin the Cutie Mark on the Pony." Here's Elizabeth's turn with Charlotte watching. 

Nathan's turn. 

Nathan got Elizabeth this cute little kitty. 

Thanks for the fun lunch box, socks and pony Auntie Laura! 

Reading cards. 

Her friend Ali couldn't come but dropped off her present. Elizabeth loved the pony stuff and the art supplies!

Grandma Pam got her this fantastic purple outfit!! 

A super fun elephant bean bag from Uncle Brian!

Help from Dad

More ponies! Thanks Papa Norm and Gram!

She sure loves Frozen! Thanks Papa Ray and Kim! 

Some really awesome big ponies from Papa Ray and Kim! 

Lots of Frozen and lots of My Little Pony. They are her favorite things right now so it was a great birthday! 

Blowing out her "5" candle!

She and Charlotte played with some of her new toys. 

Playing with the new art supplies Ali got for her. 

Nathan went out to build a new volcano with the new equipment from Papa Ray and Kim. 

Waving goodbye to Papa Ray and Kim as they drive around the block 3 times! 

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